Paris and Versailles

Paris, the capital as well as the largest city of France, has been renowned for its status as the world’s leading tourism destination. Being an unbeatable choice for vacation, and home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and many international organizations, no doubt the city and its region will continue to thrive. Paris is such a colorful city where I needed to spend one full week to visit all main attractions. Interesting museums, remarkable monuments, gorgeous cathedrals, and all other antique architectures, etc. are countless. Ease of communication is not guaranteed, as I came across only one person capable of speaking English throughout the trip and that person worked at the information desk of Charles De Gaulle Airport. The city is tourist-friendly though, with the presence of a well-developed metro system; and because of proximity between attractions to which I decided to go on foot. Since I made this trip in August when daytime was the longest, and I was so lucky to have all days sunny, I took enough beautiful photos that showcase the beauty of Paris and Versailles.